Saturday, October 6, 2012

Anna Tambour parts the curtains

One hellish night - about zero sleep due to constant legs cramps... Woke up and popped a pain pill to cope. Didn't need it! !! Why? A link to the following blog post by no less a literary light [STAR!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder of the highest order!!] than, ANNA TAMBOUR (Crandolin coming from award-winning, Chomu Press in NOV!, Monterra's Deliciosa & Other Tales &), was in my inbox to offer remedy and CURE! !!

Glee seized me. Humbled, honored, privileged, all spiked my FELT to gladly;YAYyyyyyyyyy~ ~~

Here's the post, a rave review of my new collection, Portraits of Ruin (Hippocampus Press 2012) --

Here's a link to PoR --

And here's a link to her upcoming novel CRANDOLIN~ ~~ Trust me, this is a work of rare BEAUTY & magic! !!

Why do you NEED Crandolin? Try this --

“Immerse yourself in the magical world of Anna Tambour’s Crandolin, a delirious journey that takes the reader through Central Asia and Russia with some fascinating strangers and a donkey, a demanding musical instrument, and delicious hints of nougat and honey.”-- Ellen Datlow
“By turns lyrical and absurdist, whimsical and elegantly true, Crandolin is unlike any novel you will ever have read. Anna Tambour is brilliant, a true original.”-- Lucius Shepard

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