Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Phantasmagorium" news

(c) 2011 JD BUSCH

"Phantasmagorium" the quarterly literary journal of horror has a new editor...

 ~ ~~perhaps you were wondering who this entity is… A little bit country and a lot of R’n’R? Sort of… {but don’t forget the Jazz --heap on the ECM!!-- and folk and solo cello suites.} Sane? On Tuesdays, yeah. Other days might be Buk after dropping a few tabs of Gormengast and backin’ a bottle Cisco-fied occultations, or Lamantia studied all them GEMS Datlow has issued for 3 decades and fell truly and madly in love. Maybe add some dark and stormy winter nights the bEast might travel a bit w/ Rechy and Fowles and Beckett and Michaux and and Zivkovic and Vachss and Eco stashed in his pockets fer fun, depends on the phase of the moon [talk ‘bout a harsh mistress]…
     Does he/IT have grisly chants and shadowy dances? Yep, a few. Sings (if you could call it that) in rain too. LOVES noir and hardboiled! Eats POETICS 24/7! !! “Worships! !!” Cisco, Barron, Kiernan, Koja, KEW, Ellison, Weird fiction, “Weird Tales” {Ann VanderMeer is fab! Her other half is purr-D good too}, more poets then you’d care to see listed here, and the writers listed in the last line of the last paragraph…

     They say I’m brutal, but [if you look deep] I’m not all that big on splatter and gore. Loves ghouls! No to zombies in most cases. Sparkly vamps? NO unless, their name is Ziggy and they bang a stardusted-gong w/ Ronson and Marc . . . Is a stone cold King in Yellow purist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So “Phanta”? It will be dark, hopefully tainted by madness, and strange… [DaRK!]-fantasy, yes. Mash-ups, you bet. Unsettling? I sure hope you think so.

     Will you see HPL, steampunk, bizzaro? Might see some here and there . . .
     Laird had the right idea, mix it up, push the envelope where you can, and I will “try” to live up to his vision in my fashion. Am I Laird? No. He wears the shoes of a gifted giant and I cannot fill them… Few, if any, can.

     I will keep you updated w/ our plans. Yer bEast (and my fellow staff members at "PHANTA") hope you enjoy what we have in store for you.

     That said, here's the ToC for our new issue [#3 coming in MAY] ~ ~~

     Cate Gardner “The Sour Aftertaste of Olive Lemon”
     Cody Goodfellow “NATURE’S MOTHER”
     Ann K. Schwader “Blown Out”
     Edward Morris “TO WALK THE NIGHT”
     Michael Cisco “Coptic Light”

     We'll have the new website up VERY soon. In the meantime you can find out what's going on on our new FB page --

     NOTE: [some] other [maybe] falls under the "weird fiction" umbrella things the bEast likes~ ~~ "Weird Fiction Review Online". Ligotti, SGJ, John Langan, Ally BirdJean Ray! Chomu Press! Angela Slatter. The Poe Eddie!!!!!!!!!! GEMMA FILES! !! Cody Goodfellow, Simon Strantzas! Alfred Kubin! KEW! Jeff Thomas, Richard Gavin, Daniel Mills, Machen, Bruno Schulz! !! Bruce Boston! !! a certain Mr. D. F. Lewis! Our dear HOPFROG! !! Jack O’Connell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And causes all manner of bEastly swoonin'~ ~~Catherynne Valente, Kaaron Warren, Genevieve Valentine, Murakami, Calvino...  

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