Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coming in MAY from Spectral Press

From SPECTRAL PRESS: the Musicks & Mythos audio-CD series of Lovecraft and modern Lovecraftian tales, a joint Spectral/Temple ov Azathoth Records release, will definitely be available from next month. We will have some copies for sale here, but numbers will be limited – so please do let us know whether you’re interested in purchasing one . They will be 2 CD affairs in fold-out digipacks with booklet and are likely to retail for somewhere between £12 – £15 each.

The Lovecraft stories being set to music on the first in the series will be Nyarlathotep and The Music of Erich Zann, whilst the modern master of the Mythos tale will be Joe Pulver with his The Delirium of a Worm Wizard.

More details soon!




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  2. Looking forward to this, Joe. Looks like I'll be joining you there too, with a new story "The Dreaming God is Singing Where She Lies."