Thursday, September 1, 2011

in the poetry corner............... (somewhere bettween Ligotti and Beckett).

just a little more pain

hand in a landscape
without a girl
or a flower.
No echo of truth haunts the illusion.
So why does the naïve consciousness travel for answer?

Think on it…

The wings . . . The facts and values and the last gasp . . . The scrapes in ink . . .
No biography
or tidal wave of Blake and Shelly in your cigarette . . .
No sentence that holds the lifetime of Atlantis . . .


Did you try using the chisel?

No skeleton in the dark place . . .
No kiss.

After all the weeds & sweat & tears—

An empty right
hand in a landscape
without a girl

…or a flower

(Anat Fort “Not the Perfect Storm”)

(C) Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. 2011

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