Monday, September 12, 2011

Andrea Bonazzi creates AGAIN! !!

My dear friend and visionary of images eldritch and ill, Andrea Bonnazzi, was out again... Stepped out of his time machine [an old rusty bike he lovingly calls, Sequence] w/ his camera and snapped this shot of a certain power trio in 1921... It appears they were deciding if mankind would continue breathing and dabbling with cascades of f~e;;l;t~~............ . & as the photo quite clearly shows, they finally agreed on Howard's special plan for the world. AKLONOMICON co-editor and publisher, Ivan McCann, always the man in the middle of V.I.L.E. things, was vEry pleased [they say he only likes killing off things on WED, and this was taken on a FRI]... The bEast, well, he would have pushed the OFF button and ended the conspiracy of the human race -- if Howard had let him... [perhaps next time~ ~~]

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