Sunday, May 15, 2011

Type while you may~

Springsteen, noir, and the "Shadow Houses" . . . Like the song says, something's comin' on . . . not sure what it is yet, but it's come out to dance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Seems like there's a lot of mud in the night garden. Requiems made flesh too.

Just finishing my 4th "western" short, "The Wagon's Trail" . . . Still fun writing these! !! You can find two of them [the 2nd and the 3rd] at "Lovecraft eZine" [issues #3 and #4] . . .

Also finished my "sipping Brandi" tale ;) A mid-size of 5,300 words it's called, "My Mirage". Seems David Lynch is making a new movie w/ the help of a novelist who penned some KIY tales, and a young actress with a Yellow Sign tat . . . :) Lot of fun that! Thanks to BJ for being a great sport!! !
... am "slowly" getting better . . . resting as I can~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ XXXXXXXXXXXx to all who sent vibes and wishes!! [really did need them]! Yer a FAB bunch o sweeties!! !~ ~~

Just reread CK's THE RED TREE -- Still F'in' BRILLIANT! !! I want to hate her for setting the bar so high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I can't -- not from down here on my knees in AWE! !!

Next on my NEED list Koja's new one & Cat Valente's DEATHLESS too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GODDESS & GODDESS! !!

Falling deeply in love w/ Ms. Foster~ ~~

... and now back to bed for bEastie~


  1. Hello Mr. Pulver, I'm a fan of the Dead But Dreaming series, and look forward to seeing what you do with "No Healing Prayers". Can you give any hints as to what the story is about?

    Also, is there a list of the mythos stories you have written?

  2. Joe has a homepage which lists all available / published stories. While they're not listed as "Mythos" or "The King in Yellow" based, you may get a clue from the titles of the collections or publications.

    BTW, Joe has a tendency to mix genres, hence it would be somewhat difficult to label stories as purely belonging to the Mythos, the KIY canon or anything under the sun [smiles].

  3. Dear CC, sorry I did not reply to this. Didn't see it as I was very ill. "NHP" is VERY short, 1,400 words. Sorry, but anything I would say would only spoil this tale.