Monday, May 23, 2011

The Orphan Palace & . . .

Copy-editing for [my new novel] The Orphan Palace has begun -- [delighted to work w/ this editor! !!]. . . some tossing 'round cover ideas w/ editor and the publisher . . . We're racing for an OCT release on this . . . More on TOP when the publisher takes me off the leash! !!

Until then, SIN & ashes is out [and gathering a bit of acclaim - Thanks Laird and Ellen! !!] and BLOOD is now out as an eBook, and Nightmare's Disciple has been re-released as an eBook and a TPB.

BLOOD & ND can be found here [and on Amazon]

SIN & ashes is here

SIN will also soon have a book trailer . . . I'll keep you posted! !!

Work continues on The Grimscribe's Puppets and A Season In Carcosa [both will be released by Miskatonic River Press in 2012]. I have received several tales I have shortlisted . . .

And the hellbound train called, The Aklonomicon, is still on track for a SUMMER 2011 release . . . I've just seen Paul Carrick's illos and they are WOW!! ! But then it's Carrick! !!

Paul can be found here! !!


  1. Congrats on the novel! Can't wait to read it along with the anthologies you're editing.

    Quick question though. Aklonomicon is on track for a 2011 summer release....where can I pre-order myself a copy?

    Justin Steele

  2. Hi Justin,

    We hope to have per-orders up very soon. AKLO is on track for a SUMMER 2011 release.

    BEST! !!