Saturday, October 16, 2010

Double Feature Press

As you may know, Sarah L. Covert, has started a new imprint, Double Feature Press. I'm delighted to one of the 1st authors choosen to sail on this new plague ship. Robin Spriggs, the diabolical wizard to penned the widely-acclaimed, Diary of a Gentleman Diabolist, is the other author appearing in this maiden voyage. Robin's half of the tome is called, The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom, my half is titled Night Begets.

Noted Lovecraftian editor and critic, Robert M. Price, will be offering the introduction.

And there will be soundtrack . . . Yes, that's right. Dark ambient provocateur, Jason Wallach The Unquiet Void and Tara Vanflower of the wondrous and lyrical and often magical phenomenon known as Lycia (!!!) will be creating dark compositions based on what Robin & I are brewing. Few things thrill me more than the thought of Jason and Tara being a part of this new venture! !!

DFP still needs donors, and we'd love to have you aboard! Please look at the Kickstater link and help. Every dollar counts --we can not do this w/out you!-- and I promise you will be delighted by what your donation, large or small, brings forth.

To see who is who and where this all happens, follow the links.


Double Feature Press

Robin Spriggs

Robert M. Price

Jason Wallach - The Unquiet Void

Tara Vanflower [& LYCIA]

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