Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HLPFF 2010

The wondrous H P Lovecraft Film Festival is coming up . . . OCT 1 -2 -3 . . .

This legendary fest has been running since 1995, and SADLY, this is to be the last . . . If you ever attended you won't want to miss this last go 'round. If you've never been, do not miss your last chance to view CTHULHUVIAN wonders and hear the Great Old Ones [OK, some are a bit younger] speak! !!

The GOH is none other than the finest writer & storyteller passing out literary gifts these days, Caitlin R. Kiernan! & editor-supreme, Ellen Datlow will be there! !! Add Lovecraftian wonder-man, Bob Price, S. T. Joshi, and Michael Shea [a genius if ever walked!! !], a certain Mr. Hopfrog Pumire, and a midnight-buttered host of other bEasts, you better get there and enjoy! !!

The END is NIGH!! !

Be there or stay at home with your suicidal tendencies . . .

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