Thursday, November 8, 2012

BIBLOMANCY raves for Portraits of Ruin

The sage critic of Biblomancy ventured forth and sidestepping the hut and curse of Baba Yaga and the ill punishments of the Old Castle entered the exibition to view the portraits stretched over the cracked walls of ruin. Broken apart by tilted cadences and profane velocities he's returned to talk of the wallop that possessed him.

We were very pleased by his recent visit to Carcosa and are delighted by his current promenades deep within our ruined labyrinths.

You can read his review/report/travelogue here


  1. Are you going to send me the money you owe me Joe?

    I was your wife!!!

  2. So you're man enough to father children but not to pay for them?

    No wonder you ran off to Germany!!! I hope you do come back to the US as I will be there to collect what you owe me and our children!!!