Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Demons... come by daylight

I often begin the day by sharpening my WORDpencil, just letting words go where they may. Today was no different. Didn't know what the following would be--a tale I thought, but let it go where it wanted... It decided it was not a tale, just this

The Meeting

Jimmy Webb poured me a drink. “Saw you look at her.”
I took a slip.
“Lot of us do… Have. Hard not to.”
Nodded my I guess.
I didn’t dare turn around. She’d be there, over my shoulder.
“She’s a harsh mistress.”
He didn’t say, you can’t keep the light in your pocket, even if it was true. It is.
I tried. Tried to put it in jars and turn it into words too.
Tried to make dreams out of it.
Lot of times.
On a lonesome night I put bell, book, and candle to it. My grip lasted as long as a cigarette.
Jimmy’s fingers cried on the ivories.
I wished the drink in my hand was an ocean and I had the power to not turn and look up at her.

[After Joe Cocker “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”]

 (c) 2012 Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

The pic, (c) Maddie Von Stark 2012, which I adore! !!, was done by Maddie Von Stark.

You can hear the song [an old favorite I've spent a lot of time w/!! !] that inspired the text here --



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  1. reread this today on your site - it brought tears to my eyes just now, truly. touched off somethin' in me...thx fer the touch...