Monday, July 23, 2012

I get interviewed live this Sunday...

This coming Sunday, Mike Davis, the kingpin behind "Lovecraft eZine" will strap me to a chair [or stake] in the Nightmarium and grill me w/ his blasphemies and revelations, or put me to the Q & A...

As I undertstand it, you can join in and ask questions -- Let's hope you'll take pity on a bumpkin and they're not too hard.

And they tell me my dear friend, a certain Mr .Hopfrog, Esq will be around............ . I smell trouble brewin' ~ ~~

Here's the details as I know them.

Sunday on Google+

the video chat with Joe Pulver will happen next Sunday at 5pm CST. (Also known as 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern, and 11pm GMT.) If you want to join the chat, email me at , and you might also want to add me on Google Plus: -- At chat time, I will send you an invite through Google IM.


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