Saturday, May 5, 2012

My love letter to the HPLFF

I can't be at the HPLFF, (Portland, OR - May 11-13, 2012), so I've penned a 6,000 word tale/love letter to the fest I adore. The utterly fab weirdos at the ever-wonderful "STRANGE AEONS MAGAZINE" will be there with a "very limited" run of this chapbook. My brand new tale, "…LIES……Thunder……   ashes………….. .", is ABOUT the fest, the films, and the fine folks who go ever year, the weirdos I love! I think friends of "Nyarly" will enjoy this tale.

Here's the cover by my brilliant pal, Nick Gucker!!!

Nasty Nicky has also done 3 interior illos for this wee slice of darkness.

The wonderful "STRANGE AEONS" magazine can be found here:

The HPLFF can be found here:

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