Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire SINner!! !

"The imagery is so amazing I want to keep quoting it: "The moon is a window of ice wrecked in soft embrace of the river of midnight...its banks couldn't hold the invisible..."

But, no -- you must buy the book so as to find yourself FULLY entranced, pulled into the web of words and brutal/beautiful fancy. This is the neoteric world haunted by Joe's daemons, and his raptures. It is a celebration of the Literary, and rock'n'roll; of that which seduces and will not save you. It is the language of the lost, which has found its tongue in the idiom of pure originality. It is the taste of sin in your mouth, mixed with the debris of ash -- and it's taste is delicious and decadent and deadly, that savors of damnation. It is Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. -- one of today's truly original and effective artists, before whom we bow, hypnotized."--Wilum Pugmire, author of  The Tangled Muse 

You can find Hopfrog here

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