Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's recap a bit .....................

a bit of new 1st--

SIN & ashes will soon have a book trailer :)

Editor Ross E. Lockhart has bought a tale of mine for his upcoming THE BOOK OF CHTULHU [NIGHT SHADE BOOKS Fall 2011]

The AKLONOMICON has a book trailer! I'll be posting it here soon! !! For now you can find it here! !!

Now here be the recap part ........................................

“. . . I’m gawping in amazement, shaken by Pulver’s eviscerating vision. He wields language as a scalpel, a Thompson submachine gun, an axe . . . Joe Pulver calls down the fire. Joe Pulver’s the Man. He’s got the Power.” – Laird Barron, author of Occultation and The Imago Sequence

"Joseph S Pulver, Sr. is a thunderous scribe of dark fiction. His poetry slams into you, cracking through flesh and bone to the real meat beneath. SIN & ashes is his mighty hammer, deftly wielded and smithed on Hephaestus's great anvil. This is no book for the faint of heart. Filled with hard boiled goodness and devastating imagery, Pulver proves his is a talent to be reckoned with, and cements his rightful place as one of the most interesting voices in the genre. I am both awed and humbled by his power." Simon Strantzas, author of Beneath the Surface and Cold To the Touch

"Joe Pulver's SIN AND ASHES is a messed up (and I mean Cronenberg messed up) splicing of William S. Burroughs and Thomas Ligotti. Add a whiskey chaser. After reading these vibrant and weird stories with their assorted devils and down-and-outs, I kinda want to party with Joe. But I think I'm too scared to."--Paul Tremblay, author of The Little Sleep and In the Mean Time.

"If you are a reader who seeks lulling escapism, this book offers no such creature comfort. Pulver tales are not the kind of stories one slips into like a warm bath. They are splashes of frigid water, which constantly jar and twist rather than flow headlong. This is what makes Sin & Ashes such a potent volume. Pulver is a writer who takes risks with each story he fashions, which in turn makes reading them exceptionally rewarding."-- Richard Gavin, author of Omen and Charnel Wine

“Joe Pulver is a one-man literature machine. He writes fiction and poetry, edits, and basically inspires other creative artists to excel. Joe's Sin & Ashes is surely one of the most important fiction collections of the year, and serves to remind us all that greatness is still possible in the field of weird fiction.” --Gary McMahon, author of Pretty Little Dead Things and Pieces of Midnight

"While everybody else in horror is still aping the shallow visual palette of cinema, Joe Pulver calls down a storm of psychotronic nightmares charged with the evocative depth and relentless pulse of the Devil's music. This isn't a book that wants to be a movie. This is a drug disguised as a book. Spiked with poignant wisdom and poisoned surprises and defiantly shredding expectations of how a story should work, yet SIN & ASHES is not experimental. Joe Pulver knows full well what kind of cerebral explosions his ingredients will produce. SIN & ASHES is an iconoclastic revolt, and a devastating reminder of the unique, unmatchable power of well-wielded words." –Cody Goodfellow, author of Radiant Dawn

"Some writers one admirers and others make one want to do as they do, or try. For me, Joe Pulver is of the latter type. His imagination is so vile so much of the time that it makes me giggle with amazement. And the prose so deadly visionary. I'm grateful that the pieces in this collection are those of a fellow horror writer who has raised the ante on what it means to be such a creature." - Thomas Ligotti

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