Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Review of Null Immortalis

I had the very great pleasure of having one of my tales appear in this wonderful collection alongside an array of truly gifted writers. The first review is in and it is a rave. Congrats to Des Lewis for his care and selection of tales and to all the writers who spin fine marvels on the pages of NI.

Here's the details:

First review: "I would recommend this book to anybody who enjoys an anthology to savour. The subtleties, the synchronicity, the love of language. It cares not for genre, other than the general blanket of weird fiction, and blends imagination with startling humanity. The stories are ordered so that themes sometimes leak from one to the next, but best of all, they credit the reader with intelligence; there is no unecessary explanation of thread or coincidence. Null Immortalis is a respectful equal, not a weary teacher."

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