Wednesday, May 5, 2010


After 10 years Des Lewis is putting ‘Nemonymous’ to bed . . . There will be one last issue, ‘NULL IMMORTALIS’, and then it’s gone.

The good news here, from my point of view, is ‘NULL IMMORTALIS’ (or if you like, ‘Nemonymous’ #10 – Sadly, the last issue.) will contain my tale, “ICARUS ABOVE . . .”. I’m delighted to be included in this wonderful publication!! !

Here’s the ToC (so far!) --

I am pleased to announce the original stories below that have been contracted for NULL IMMORTALIS in no particular order as the agreements are finalised:
The Man Who Made The Yellow God - Mark Valentine
The Return - S.D. Tullis
Oblivion - Derek John
Strings Attached - Gary Fry
Lucien's Menagerie - David M. Fitzpatrick
Apotheosis - D.P. Watt
The Drowned Market - Joel Lane
Turn Again - Willie Meikle
Only Enuma Elish - Richard Gavin
Troot - Margaret B. Simon
A Matter of Degree - Mike Chinn
The Green Dog - Steve Rasnic Tem
You Have Nothing To Fear - Reggie Oliver
Violette Doranges - David V. Griffin
Icarus Above - Joe Pulver
Haven't You Ever Wondered - Bob Lock
Holesale - Rachel Kendall
The Toymaker of Bremen - Stephen Bacon
Love is the Drug - Andrew Hook
The Shell - Tony Lovell
Fire - Roy Gray ... list to be continued

NICE ToC! !! Hell, make that hot-damn cool!

Congrats to all, and did I mentioned I’m delighted to be in ‘NI’ with these talented authors? I sure am!! !

When the ToC is added to or finalized, I’ll update it here. Again, my congrats to all for being in ‘NI’.

And here’s the link to the ‘NI’ webpage:

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